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Visitors to Canada - A hospital stay wasn’t on the itinerary.

Welcome to Canada

Are you coming to visit family or friends or simply to explore the Great White North? Canada has a great healthcare system, but if you are not a resident, you won’t be covered—and medical costs here are expensive. In fact, the Canadian government recommends all visitors buy travel insurance before arriving, including:

​Visitors to Canada

Immigrants waiting for citizenship

Canadians returning to Canada after living abroad

Super Visa applicants, who must have valid emergency medical insurance to qualify. The Canadian government requires $100,000 coverage minimum, for at least 1 year

How we take care of you

With iA Travel Insurance, enjoy your stay without worrying about the cost of a visit to the clinic or hospital.

​Simple eligibility requirements!

Coverage outside Canada*!

Competitive pre-existing medical condition coverage.

24/7 emergency assistance

No waiting period on sickness,

Multilingual Customer Service

What Visitors to Canada Insurance covers

  • Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury, including COVID-19*

  • Ground, air or sea ambulance

  • Private duty nursing X-rays and diagnostic laboratory procedures

  • Emergency dental services

  • Family transportation to your bedside

  • Return of your travelling companion

  • Prescription medications

  • Essential medical equipment (crutches, wheelchairs, etc.)

  • 5 follow-up post-medical emergency visits

  • 24-hour accident insurance up to $25,000

  • Complimentary access to MyFlytTM service for 2+ hour delay


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