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Why is LIFE Insurance important?

It has often been said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. It could be argued that some people will not have to pay income taxes, because they have little or no taxable income or because they manage to structure their financial affairs to avoid them.

However, there is no denying that everyone is going to die sometime, and death has implications for their estate and surviving family members.


Life Insurance Products


Term Insurance

It’s income protection and risk management tool that provides the people or charities you name as beneficiary with a tax-free payout if you die within the term you choose. 

  • Mortgage protection

  • Ideal risk management strategy for debt.

  • Tax planning for Estate.

  • Relatively less expensive than other insurances.

  • Simple to understand.


Final Expense Plan

The Final Expense Plan is a life insurance policy that provides coverage for Canadian residents between the ages of 18 -74. This plan pays your beneficiary a set benefit amount should you die for any reason. There is no medical exam or health questions required to qualify and the policy is in force until the age of 100. Under this plan: your acceptance is guaranteed. The Final Expense plan includes both a Basic Life Benefit and a complementary Accidental Death Benefit, which is equal to 4 times the face amount of the Basic Benefit.

  • Acceptance is guaranteed.

  • Coverage to Age 100.

  • Instant Issue.

  • Additional Protection.

  • Tax-Free Benefits


Universal Life

UL policies combine permanent insurance with tax advantaged investing within limits. It is considered the most flexible of life insurance because policyholder can modify the policy in various ways in the future.

  • Insurance with Range of Investments.

  • Lifetime Coverage.

  • Access to Your Money.

  • Premiums are guaranteed for life.

  • Ideal for wealth transfer


Critical Illness

The Critical Illness Plan is a living benefit insurance that provides coverage for Canadian residents between the ages of 18 to 69. This plan pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of the serious conditions payable under the policy.
Full Coverage for 24 critical conditions.
No Medical Exam.

  • Policies are Issued Even with Pre-existing conditions.

  • Instant Issue.

  • Coverage lasts up to the age of 75


Permanent Insurance

Permanent life insurance provides coverage over the entire lifetime of the life insured. It does not expire (as long as the required premiums are paid), and it does not need to be renewed.

  • Permanent life Protection

  • Cash Surrender Value (CSV)

  • Limited Payments

  • Premiums are guaranteed for life.

  • Ideal for wealth transfer


Disability Insurance

If you’re a working Canadian, disability insurance may be the most important coverage you can have. Check to see if you have sufficient (or any) disability insurance through your employer, and speak with your advisor to make sure you’re ready if something serious happens and you can’t work.

  • Income Protection

  • Long Term Care Conversion Option.

  • Physical Recovery Through Rehabilitation.

  • Return to work assistance.

  • Coverage lasts up to the age of 65 to 75, as long as premiums are paid.


Some of the benefits of the LIFE INSURANCE include:

  1. Risk Management.

  2. Income Protection.

  3. Debt Repayment Upon death.

  4. Income Taxes Payments Upon death.

  5. Shielding Business Impacts.

  6. Estate Planning.

  7. Charitable Givings.

Wooden Ladder

Easy Process


Your FREE and NO OBLIGATION consultation includes:

  • Assess the client’s needs and situation

  • Identify Risks

  • Recommendation



We will suggest which strategies are most appropriate to deal with the client’s risk of death.

  • Analyze the available products.

  • Analyze the types of contracts.

  • Single Life Coverage

  • Joint Life Coverage

  • Family Coverage

  • Disability/Critical Illness/Other Riders



A client can transfer his risk of death to a life insurance company by purchasing a life insurance policy.

  • TERM LIFE Insurance

  • WHOLE LIFE Insurance

  • UNIVERSAL LIFE Insurance

  • BUSINESS LIFE Insurance

  • Why I need Life Insurance ?
    Life insurance is an important risk management and estate planning tool that can be used to mitigate the financial impact of death. It provides your beneficiary a one-time, tax-free payment when you die, as long as you continue to pay your premiums. It’s not only to protect your family. It can also be part of your financial plan, so you may be able to access money in your policy while you’re alive.
  • How Much Insurance Do I Need?
    People buy insurance to make sure your debts are covered, so they don’t leave major expenses behind for your loved ones. Here are a few things to consider: Current income Total Net worth Family needs Debt Business impact Income taxes Charitable giving
  • How much does life insurance cost? ?
    It depends on the type of coverage you choose. Generally, term insurance is more affordable than permanent insurance. But there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of your policy, including: Age Health Gender Occupation Smoking Status
  • What Types of Life Insurances Available?
    Following Are Major Life Insurances Available To Canadians: Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance
  • What is insurance for business owners?
    Business-owned insurance provides a one-time payout to your company.Businesses may use life insurance to accomplish a number of different objectives, such as: Protecting the business from the death of a key employee or shareholder; Funding a buy-sell agreement; Providing additional compensation for highly valued employees. Help to cover business debt, overhead expenses or a partner buy-out.
  • When do you need insurance?
    Life insurance is an important risk management and estate planning tool that can be used to mitigate the financial impact of death. Buying a home Marriage bells ringing Starting a family Starting a Business Establishing your business Continuing growth of your business Close to retirement

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