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Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

It’s an investing and retirement savings account registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that provides Canadians benefits to save for retirement. The money you put towards an RRSP isn’t taxed as a part of your income, so you pay less income tax.

How it works?

We can help to open an RRSP with the right investments depending on your retirement goals and your risk tolerance.

We can help figure out the contributions that fit your situation, making sure you don’t go over your contribution room.

You start contributing and your annual contributions are tax deductible and Any investment growth grows tax free.

You can withdraw tax-free to buy your first home or for you or your spouse’s education, if you qualify, any other withdrawals are taxable.

When you’re ready to retire or you turn 71, your RRSP converts to a RRIF where you must withdraw your minimum annual amount. Alternatively, you can purchase an income annuity.


Pay less tax now as Contributions made to an RRSP lower your taxable annual income.

Growth sheltered from taxes, As long as you don’t make withdrawals, you do not pay taxes on the money earned in your RRSP.

You can contribute to your spouse’s RRSP to lower your taxable income and enjoy tax savings.

Generally for saving for retirement

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