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Tax-free savings account (TFSA)

A TFSA is a savings plan that allows you to grow your savings, tax free. It is the perfect solution for your short-, medium- and long-term savings projects, like paying for a trip, buying a home or creating an emergency fund.

How it works?

We can help to open an TFSA with the right investments depending on your investment goals and your risk tolerance.

We can help figure out the contributions that fit your situation, making sure you don’t go over your contribution room.

You start contributing and your annual contributions are tax deductible and Any investment growth grows tax free.


You can withdraw tax-free and The income earned on your contributions to the TFSA is not taxable.

Unused contribution room is carried over to the following year, which means that you can contribute more than your annual limit.

After you take money out, your contribution room is restored in the following year, so you can put the money back (recontribute) then with no penalties.

This is the ideal solution for your medium- and long-term savings projects, like a trip or the purchase of a home or car.

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